Sweet 16 and Elite Eight edition …

“Woooo! Now our contract incentive clauses kick in!”

“Yes! I saw her panties.”

“What’s that Nemanja Calasan’s balls? You’ll have to speak up. You’re so tiny I can’t hear you.”

“Hey, ref! This was me with your wife last night.”

“You say that it was a foul, and perhaps you are right. But I propose that it was not. Now, let me explain …”

“Hey … look! There’s a black guy on our bench! No way.”

“I feel so low right now.”

“I just want to tell you, now that the season is over, that you, sir, are a total douche bag.”

“Oh, bravo … braaa-vo.”

“He won’t steal the ball from me again after I hit him over the head with this cinderblock.”

“Thank you, giant Gary Coleman.”

UPDATE: Check out some more captions on Page 2.


One response to “Captions

  1. Thank you for the Purdue captions. Don’t even care if you’re making fun of them.

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