Tim Tebow: now more immortal

Tim Tebow’s speech/rant following Florida’s loss to Mississippi last September is now engraved on a plaque outside the school’s football facility. Yes, seriously.

Here are several more Tebow plaques that are in the works:

Outside of UF’s Windsor Hall:

“Wow. Thanks for showing so much boobage on our first date, Heather. Only a great and wonderful God would create a rack that delectable. Thank you, Lord!” — Tim Tebow

Outside of a clinic in Indonesia:

“Whoops. I think I accidentally sliced off the entire penile head.” — Tim Tebow

Outside of his childhood home: 

“On this, the day of my graduation, I want to credit finishing first in my class to hard work. And also to being home-schooled and therefore being the only person in my class.” — Tim Tebow

Outside of the media room at Florida’s football facility:

“I wonder who will slurp my ‘nads the most today.” — Tim Tebow

Outside of Chuck Norris’ house: 

“This is Tim Tebow. Come get what’s coming to you.” — Tim Tebow

Outside of his dentist’s office:

“I think I have plaque build up.” — Tim Tebow


6 responses to “Tim Tebow: now more immortal

  1. I only wish I could be douchey enough to get some boobage like that. I’d love to put him down…but I can’t find anything wrong with it…

  2. Surely a football career-ending injury would motivate this paragon of virtue to do even more for mankind than he currently does. Think about it, God. Please.

  3. You motorboatin’ son of a bitch

  4. Chuck Norris

    Tim Tebow worships God.

    I am God.

  5. ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch that last one hurt a little bit deej

  6. Chuck Norris isn’t giving you ‘the finger’
    he’s counting down the time until he kicks your ass!

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