Super Secret Project #2: REVEALED!

Here you go.

I am very excited about this. If you like the site now, I promise — it’s about to get much, much better. 

One day soon you will log on to and see a massive and slick site redesign, updating daily content, a whole bunch of new features that I haven’t been able to do before and … general greatness. 

The site I started right out of college, with my friend Adam’s enormous help and patience all these years posting my ramblings online once a week, will be all growed up. And awesome.

The good folks at IAC and College Humor are going to help bring SportsPickle out of the (greenish) dark ages into a modern — possibly still greenish but slightly less jarring green — future. And I can’t wait to get going.

(By the way, IAC’s stock closed up 98-cents today. Totally because of me. Yep. Totally. I may just single-handedly re-ignite Wall Street and save everyone’s 401(k). You’re welcome.)


19 responses to “Super Secret Project #2: REVEALED!

  1. Sellout! Just kidding, congratulations.

  2. And that was when I found out I was officially part of the 18-24 male demographic… Sweet, I’m so going to pick up some bitches and make them cook me food and do whatever it is that we men-folk do. Right? Eh, men? Right?

  3. You think you can get your new friends to throw in a little extra to the prize for the suckiest bracket challenge? You know, since they’re rich and all.

  4. Gimpy McNoLegs

    Ah, the sweet smell of success. Way to go, man. The only bummer is that this additional exposure may result in your incurring Raykiller’s wrath. Watch your back, Serpico!

  5. partyelevator

    Congrats! Can’t wait for the new layout & everything.

  6. So you still writing everything?

    Or are are you really selling out?

  7. sportspickle

    Yes. Still writing everything.

  8. Congratulations, but was super secret project #1 again? The wordpress?

  9. sportspickle

    No, SuperSecretProject #1 is so comically delayed it still has yet to be revealed. It’s throwing all of the other SSP’s out of order. In fact, back when SSP#1 commenced, SSPs #2-4 didn’t even exist yet. But it’s much, much bigger than WordPress. And, for the record, SSP1: not revealed. SSP2: revealed. SSPs 3: not revealed, maybe never will be. SSP 4: not revealed.

  10. Nooooo……Gallo has sold out?!?!?! No more faux turtlenecks, button up pinstripe suits with a pocket protector shoved up the a** by “the man”. Although I was glad to hear that I am still only 24 years old (max). Maybe now the hair will migrate from my butt back to my head.

    Congratulations by the way.

  11. Will there still be hobo jokes? I just want to fit in.

  12. “CollegeHumor Media is regarded as one of the most successful pioneers in creating content that consistently appeals to a notoriously fickle demographic,” said DJ Gallo. “By joining forces, we can further enhance this appeal to an expanded user base without sacrificing tone or quality of content.”

    What are the odds that there is another DJ Gallo out there, being quoted for that article? Insane. And a little scary.

  13. sportspickle

    I’d say the same odds that there is another Mike D out there:

    Even scarier!

  14. whoa. nice to see mr. bigtime can still reply to us rappers. i’m so excited, i don’t know how i’ll be able to get any work done the rest of the day.

    in all seriousness, congratulations dj. i hope the new site doesn’t lose any of the ‘dj gallo charm’.

  15. from one DJ to another, congrats.

    this all explains the generocity of the tourney challenge rewards.

    specially that blue jays *signed* card

  16. Congrats, then.

    I guess SSP#1 is buying a bigger house?

  17. Congrats DJ! Well done. Glad to hear my favorite site is getting even better. Can’t wait. I hope I don’t spit my drink all over the computer the first time I click on the new and improved page, but I’m sure I will.

  18. YAY DJ!! you should consider getting a real writer as well..that might help…

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