More like “Eastbound & UP!” (Get it?!?!)

Six weeks ago I gave the debut of the HBO show “Eastbound & Down” a poor review.

I would now like to review that review: It wasn’t the greatest review.

While I maintain that the debut of the show was poor, each episode of the show since then has improved on the previous one.

(Clearly HBO read my review and spent millions of dollars to re-shoot the entire season in one week. Clearly!)

So let me take this opportunity to show that I am an open-minded gent who is able to reevaluate his opinions: creators of “Eastbound & Down,” I take it back. You are not yeastmounds.

Now let’s assign some grades:

… “Eastbound & Down” debut episode: C-

… my review of the “Eastbound & Down” debut episode: C

… “Eastbound & Down” since the debut episode: B+

… my ability to have an open mind, and my all-around awesomeness: A++

So that settles it. You may now carry on with your day.


7 responses to “More like “Eastbound & UP!” (Get it?!?!)

  1. You wrote a review that not only compelled a TV show to step up its game within one week, but also introduced the world to the word yeastmound. Well done!

  2. Yeastmound is certainly no hobolingus.

  3. sportspickle

    Perhaps. But it is quite common to find yourself face-deep in a yeastmound while administering hobolingus.

  4. grammar police

    I am fairly confident that the proper term would be hobo-“lungus.” Not lingus.

  5. How much is HBO paying you, DJ? I’m only asking because I’m considering selling my soul, and I don’t know what the fair market value is.

  6. Capitalization Police

    Hey grammar police, I’m fairly confident your name should be capitalized. You ain’t no e.e. cummings. Yeastmound pleaze!

  7. I really like the term yeastmound. I just wish I could find some way to use it in a sentence.

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