Bracket bracket


Analyzing the seeds

(1) Wall-mounting bracket

Pro: The strongest bracket, it can hold any number of things.

Con: Unsightly. No one wants ugly metal and screws jutting out of their wall. What, you couldn’t spring to have your shelf mounted flush into the wall?

(2) Tournament bracket

Pro: Lots of fun. Tournament brackets bring people together.

Con: Costs you some money when you lose. Kills workplace productivity. Brings you together with people from work you don’t like.

(3) Bracket fungi

Pro: Enjoyable to snap off of a tree. Useful as drums for forest creatures in animated musicals.

Con: It’s fungus.

(4) Parenthetical bracket

Pro: Seems more serious than a regular parenthesis.

Con: No one uses it. And no one knows why it even exists. And it kind of suggests difficult math or maybe an alphabet character used in a country that probably hates us.

So who wins the bracket bracket?

UPDATE: Really? The No. 4 seed Parenthetical Bracket with the lead in early voting? [Upset brewing!] And no love for the No. 1 seed Wall-Mounting Bracket? [I did not expect this.]


5 responses to “Bracket bracket

  1. You have to vote for the wall bracket…it totally looks like some sort of a phallic symbol when you first look at it and I enjoy 3rd grade humor!

  2. Anonymous = Jim

    Especially with its placement on top of the parenthetical [ ] brackets.

    Bracket Fungi all the way!!

  3. sportspickle

    I think the wall bracket is to be inserted INTO the parenthetical bracket. Come on, guys, this is basic stuff we learned back in Bracket Ed.

  4. dude, this guy [] can turn a negative number in to a positive one. so it would be like turning Jay Cutler in to a decent quarterback…

    YAY! MATH!
    Go Par. Barcket!!!!

  5. Number 2 seeds are the most common tourney winners of all time. 98% of winners are number 2 seeds and 100% of statistics are made up.

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