TV this weekend

NCAA Tournament — all weekend on CBS

Duh. Again. I thought we covered this yesterday.

Our tournament pool “winner” will likely be decided by the end of tonight’s games. I realized I didn’t factor in ties for “first.” So I’ll have to figure out a way to break the ties. Maybe a new loser’s bracket from the Sweet 16 on? Maybe a Joey McLaughlin look-alike contest? Who knows.

Also, Ponder This BETA is nearing its completion. Soon you’re going to see some super-mega-duper-awesome changes all over the site. So before that happens, I’m opening it up to you all again for any suggestions you might have: what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see more of, less of, ideas for new conceits, ideas for what wines pair well with grouper, etc. 

You can leave your thoughts in the comments or e-mail me. If I end up liking your suggestion, I will use for my profit and you will not be compensated in any way. Cool? Cool.

Have a good weekend.


20 responses to “TV this weekend

  1. ESPN Messageboarder

    I don’t like satire. I don’t get it. Bobby Bowden never got sodomized by his players (publicly). Comedy scares me. You suck.

  2. I like pizza.

  3. I like A-Rod.

    And trannies.

  4. Lindsey Lohan

    I like crack.

  5. Eddie Murphy

    I also like trannys.

  6. I like poetry.

    I don’t people who write peotry about me having a small dick.

  7. I like God. And getting away with obstructing double murders. That and God.

  8. I like God.

    I don’t like puppies.

  9. I don’t like meanies who say mean things. That or sugar. Or haircuts. Or showers.

    I like bench pressing.

  10. Bill Belichek

    I like bangin’ Satan’s mom.

  11. Christopher Reeves

    I don’t like horses.

  12. Charlie Weiss

    I like cheeseburgers.


  13. I like goats. And porn.

    Ok, I like goat porn.

    So, what? I could bang your girl, your mom and a goat at the same time if I wanted to. I’m Tom Brady.

  14. I like Brett Farve, coffee, and colons.

    I don’t like roughage.

  15. Elisha Manning

    Daddy says I don’t like San Diego. I don’t know why that is? One time in that movie they said that San Diego means “Whale’s vagina”. That must be why daddy doesn’t like it. Vaginas are scary. He says they have cooties. I don’t want cooties. My teammate Jeremy had them once and he said his pee-pee itched when he would whip it out and call me a fag for looking at it.

  16. And I absolutely loved every one of those comments. But I wonder what these major renovations could be? I’m sure they’ll be great either way. Keep up the good work, Gallo. (:

  17. Hatless Willy Stinkfoot (Hobo)

    I pair grouper with Mad Dog 20/20. And by grouper I mean multiple hobolinguses (hobolingii?).

  18. Steely McBeam

    I like A-Rod.

  19. I like cake!

    Apparently, someone got on a massive “Leave a Comment” spree.

  20. sportspickle

    You know, I thought that someone was just taking advantage of the fact the the current comments set-up allow users to submit under multiple aliases. But I’m pretty sure that was really Eli Manning.

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