TV tonight

NCAA Tournament — all night on CBS

Duh. What did you think it would be? By the way, am I the only one who noticed that not only did President Obama not pick American to win the NCAA Tournament, he didn’t even pick them to advance tonight against Villanova? He hates America! I knew it! Sarah Palin would have them going all the way! (Because she’s a moron. And, yes, maybe also as a hollow show of patriotism.)


4 responses to “TV tonight

  1. And because she likes their colors. By the way, my bracket is sucktacular so far.

  2. I WANT TO sex YOU

  3. Stop making fun of S. Pal dammit, who’s gonna watch Russia for us…

    I’m also glad Mt. St. Mary’s didn’t make it. Their name is creepy. Most saints are crusty and old, I don’t want to think about mounting them…

  4. Yea, I have Morehead going all the way. It’s best for all of us!

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