And it’s all thanks to Travis Henry.

Think actor Paul Rudd is cool? Sorry. Check out the fourth paragraph to discover his friend from the sports world. This reality can only mean one thing: Paul Rudd is a tool.

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8 responses to “Links

  1. Crystal Metheny? Chastity Clapp? Please for the love of Kurt Warner tell me that those are just jokes…

    Of course it’s not as bad as two initials for a first name.

  2. sportspickle

    Oh, they’re real. And they’re fantastic.

  3. Just for you DJ (not safe for work (in most places))

  4. sportspickle

    I like it. Very much. But I’ll admit that I was expecting a picture of hobolingus. And I have to say I was initially disappointed.

  5. Suprisingly hobolingus doesn’t come up with any results on google image search. I guess Lingus is a type of plane… So a hobolingus would be a homeless plane?

  6. You cannot handle what Hobolingus actually is.

  7. Harry Cox
    William Williams

  8. Anonymous = Jim

    A Harry Dickey went to my high school.

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