TV tonight

Heat at Celtics — 7:00 p.m. EST on ESPN

Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Leon Powe are all likely out tonight with various injuries. Riiiiiight. “Injuries.” As thought the day after St. Patrick’s Day a bunch of Celtics aren’t just really hungover. (Get it? Because Irish people are raging alcoholics! Yay! Negative stereotypes are fun! Let’s do one more: People from the South are illiterate! Although, it’s not like anyone from the South is reading this right now … ’cause they don’t know how to read, am I right? ZING!)

[If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Pool. IT’S THE LAST NIGHT TO DO SO! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Go here to do so. Search for “SportsPickle 2009” to join. May the least presidential bracket win/lose.]


7 responses to “TV tonight

  1. And remember, even positive stereotypes can be harmful too. Like “All Asians are good at math.” This makes any Wing Wong who isn’t good at math seem retarded.

  2. sportspickle

    That’s a good point. Those wetbacks are good at math. (Asians are the wetbacks, right? For swimming to Seattle and San Francisco from Asia?)

  3. Really, how bad life must be for the black guy with small equipment.

  4. I don’t know, Joshua…ask DJ’s Mom!

  5. sportspickle

    Wait … are you saying my dad is black?! Yes! That means I am multi-racial! I could be president one day!

  6. I thought you just had skin cancer. Does this mean I can stop pitying you now?

  7. I’m from the South, and I’m more intelligent than 99% of your readers. But so is a lawn chair.

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