The devil is in the “Details”

Everyone is talking about the pictures of A-Rod inside the new issue of Details magazine. And for good reason.  

But I think the bigger story is on the front cover. 

Look at the headlines.

A-ROD: Confessions of a Damned Yankee

Confessions, huh?

And then on the same line: The Curious Case of the Gay Porn-Star Identical Twins

Alex Rodriguez is a gay porn-star! Pass it on! Cousin Yuri is actually his twin brother!

(By the way, I wonder if having some iteration of this author’s last name is the only way to get a writing job at Details.)


2 responses to “The devil is in the “Details”

  1. There’s proof! He’s making out with his porn star identical brother in that picture! For shame, A-Rod. For shame.

  2. ARod all looks like he’s starring in the remake of Falling Down.

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