TV tonight

Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico — 8:00 p.m. on ESPN

Puerto Rico looks unbeatable in the World Baseball Classic coming off of a mercy rule victory over the United States. But everyone knows mercy is for the weak. At least that’s what my middle school bully always said when he pulled my underwear band up over my head.

[Don’t forget to sign up for the SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Pool. Go here to do so. Search for “SportsPickle 2009” to join. Remember: The winning bracket will be the worst bracket, but it must be filled out completely. The “winner” gets a Toronto Blue Jays season ticket, a signed copy of my book … and I’m also working on securing a Joey McLaughlin baseball card. That’s right the Joey McLauglin. Wooooooo!]


One response to “TV tonight

  1. Ah, the old adage holds true… the squeaky wheel gets the Joey McLaughlin baseball card.

    Thanks DJ, and best of luck in securing it!

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