Ohhhhhhhhhhh, snap!

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels did not mince words when speaking about his confrontation with quarterback Jay Cutler.

In a telephone interview with ESPN, McDaniels was reluctantly expansive on the story.

“I really have wanted to avoid a he-said, she-said thing but it’s only fair for us to present the Bronco side of the story rather than let things get taken out of context,” McDaniels said. 

Ooooooh. Burn. Josh McDaniels called Jay Cutler a “she.” 

Too bad McDaniels is the one who comes out looking bad, though. I mean — Jay Cutler is a massive dickhead. Everyone knows that. 

And dickheads are the sole property of males.

Duh, Josh McDaniels. Duh.


5 responses to “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, snap!

  1. ‘McDaniels’, you mean?

  2. sportspickle

    Whoops. Fixed.

    I guess since it’s basketball season I accidentally wrote the name of the former Dookie — and current NBA superstar! — Josh McRoberts. Or, because Jay Cutler is a douchebag, I had douchebag on the brain. Hence, Josh McRoberts. Either way, I fixed it.

  3. True. It was a Freudian slip.

  4. Josh McAwesome

    During warmups for the Pacers-Hawks game last weekend, I got to see a douchely bearded McRoberts do a windmill dunk in pregame warmups. I nominate this moment for a Douchey Award.
    PS. he actually got to play the final 1:46 of the game.

  5. Maybe we could nominate Mr. McAwesome for the Irish job that Rooney took; I mean received.

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