You have jammed them! Raspberry!

But it’s not radar you have jammed. It’s’s servers.

Yes, apparently so many of you flocked to to sign up for the 2009 SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Challenge when I teased it on Wednesday, that they simply weren’t able to hold the demand. That, or there was no flocking. 

Umm … ’cause almost no one has signed up.

So … I must sweeten the pot. Ready?

THE GRAND PRIZE of the 2009 SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Challenge is … 

A 2009 TORONTO BLUE JAYS SEASON TICKET!!! (And also my book. Signed, if you’d like. Woot!)

Yes, seriously. The winner will receive a season ticket to ALL 81 HOME GAMES on the Blue Jays’ 2009 schedule.

Why? Because: A) That gift is incredibly kickass. Now you can tell people you are a fancy-panted season ticket holder. B) It’s incredibly stupid — I mean, what are the chances the winner will live in Toronto? And incredibly stupid is incredibly  fitting, considering the rules of the pool. And C) It’s incredibly cheap … which is why I’m doing it.

So, to recap, if you win the SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Pool, you win:

— a 2009 Toronto Blue Jays season ticket

my book

Sign up for the pool here. (Search for the group name: SportsPickle 2009.)

And remember, the winner of this pool will be the person with the worst bracket.


(UPDATE: By the way, you have to actually fill out your entire bracket in order to be eligible to “win.” Leaving it blank doesn’t count. I mean, our Blue Jays play their entire schedule every year, even though they could just as easily have the same impact by not showing up for any of the games, right? Fair’s fair.)


9 responses to “You have jammed them! Raspberry!

  1. I see on Amazon that gift-wrap is available for your book. Will you be gift-wrapping?

  2. sportspickle

    Yes. I will gift-wrap it in a printed-out copy of the winning bracket.

    And also with love.

  3. That seals the deal. I’m in!!

  4. When I saw the picture, I thought the grand prize was gonna be the autographed Joey McLaughlin card. Way to get my hopes up and then crush them.
    : (

  5. sportspickle

    Whoa, Darth Garth. I’m putting out $95 for a Blue Jays season ticket and my book goes for $4. I can afford $99. But an autographed Joey McLaughlin card?! I’m not made of money, son.

  6. I would throw in the $0.02 for that signed card!

  7. I see your bracket is as big as mine!

  8. Here we go, TBD, here we go!! (clap, clap)

  9. TBD doesn’t stand a chance against my Colonials! (Go Robert Morris)

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