Tournament Week edition …

“Hey, hey — drive on him! He’s white.”

“I’m trying to adjust my junk. Can you please give me some friggin’ privacy and look over there for a minute?”

“Time for my NBA move.”

“I’m out of ideas. What play do you think I should call, friendly black man on my shoulder?”

“Whoa. That is a lot higher than I expected.”

“Let’s just end this awkward high-five and go on with our lives. Hopefully no one saw it.”

“Oh, no he di’int!” “Oh, yes, I do believe that, in fact, he di’d.”

“Wanna get in on this douche-five?”

“It may just be because I’m only 9-years-old, but that basketball looks huge to me.”


(But, seriously, why is a 9-year-old boy playing for Oklahoma State’s basketball team?)


2 responses to “Captions

  1. A better question is why is there a total of 15 white players and 8 black players total in the pictures? Is it because the better teams haven’t played yet? Is it a sign of the apocalypse? Or are white people just easier to make jokes about? I’ll go with number 3.

    p.s. It helps improve the number of white players when you show a picture of an entire bench.

  2. Jeremy – I’ll go with number 3 as well. That “douche-five” must’ve happened during garbage time.

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