You smell of tiny meatballs and herring

Annika Sorenstam is coming out with a perfume called ANNIKA.

“Set to be released in advance of Mother’s Day 2009, the fragrance will evoke the essence of Annika, a distinctive, casually elegant and naturally beautiful woman.”

Yes. I’ve always fantasized about my lady friend smelling of LPGA golfer.

Eau de Wie — exudes failure with aromas of pissed khakis and fresh, choked-up bile.

LAURA DAVIES by Calvin Klein — now you can breathe in all of your favorite hoagie ingredients — onions, bologna, and mayo — all day long.

The Essence of Natalie Gulbis — the scents of hairspray and Bubble-Yum overlay the pleasant musk of trailer park.

Brut’s Babe Didrickson Zaharias — smells like a bottle of semen … because it is!


One response to “You smell of tiny meatballs and herring

  1. The Laura Davies bit was worth the trip to the site, but no Paula Creamer?! I guess that joke might have been too similar to the Babe D-Z one. Guess that’s why you write ’em and I kibbitz.

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