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Some stuff: 

SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Challenge — I think we may have done this once before. Maybe not. I don’t know. But you, the smart, beautiful and virile people who read this site, are invited to participate in a SportsPickle NCAA Tournament pool. Go here — — to join. Search for the “SportsPickle 2009” group and sign up. 

There will be a prize for the winner. 

But know that the winner in this pool is the participant with the worst bracket. So while your friends and office mates have to wait until the end of the Final Four to possibly collect on their winnings, your historic ineptitude could be rewarded as early the Sweet 16 if you’re good bad good bad enough to have all your picks eliminated by then. Yay, you!

I am on Twitter. No, seriously. You can read it at Why “thatdjgallo” and not “djgallo”?  Because, once again, some Bulgarian or Hungarian or Romanian actual disc jockey named DJ Gallo has parked in a web space before me. That’s why my (rarely updated) blog is and not 

Damn you, DJ Gallooooooooooo! (And to clarifyyyyyyyyyy, not meeeeeeee! The other ooooooooooooooone!)

Full disclosure: my Twitter page probably won’t be supplied with new “tweets” very often. (I can’t believe I just used the word “tweets.” And again. New low.) Anyway, I have no idea how often I will be Twittering because: A) I will not be giving status updates about what I’m doing throughout the day. No one cares. And B) I share plenty with the world as it is now between this site,, podcasts, chats, TV appearances, books, radio appearances, my blog and also the upcoming SuperSecretProjects 1-3.

I think all I’m missing now as far as communicating is a Facebook account, some carrier pigeons and an interpretive dance world tour.

(EDIT: My mistake. I’m actually up to four SuperSecretProjects now. Some probably more rad than others, but all definitely def.)


5 responses to “Site business

  1. North Dakota State all the way!

  2. Nobody is -supposed- to care about your daily status, that’s why everyone can have oneee. It’s actually pretty addicting.

  3. Holy crap! A girl!

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  5. Is that why you have to respond to your own messageboard as “Sportspickle”?

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