On Tony Romo’s girlfriend (again)

Above is an image from a concert over the weekend. The feeling is that Jessica Simpson has trimmed down and will no longer be able to replace Tank Johnson on the Cowboys defensive line. 

I agree.

The legs look good. (Although, am I wrong, or do they appear to be no more than 18 inches long?)

Face. Fine from here.

Bosom shelf. Deliciously bosomy.

However, it is disconcerting that it seems she has to contain her midsection with a corset and that she is shrouding her arms and back with a dark, flannel shirt — friend of every chubby girl in the grunge era.

But she’s definitely not a viable replacement for Tank Johnson anymore. I’d say she’s more of an option to fill in for Chris Canty at linebacker. 

No, I kid. I kid. She’s fine.

I definitely wouldn’t kick Jessica Simpson out of bed for eating crackers (with cheese dip, ground beef, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos and refried beans).


3 responses to “On Tony Romo’s girlfriend (again)

  1. And that action with the mic is pretty impressive too!!

  2. sportspickle

    The robot whose penis she ripped off does not agree, sir.

  3. Well if your gonna lose your manhood, who better to lose it to than Jessica?

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