The new face of golf

Aaaaaaaah! Run!

According to this column, British golfing “phenom” Rory McIlroy is set to emerge as a rival to Tiger Woods. 

But I seriously doubt that face will become the new face of golf. If it does, even briefly, my face will supplant it as the face of golf because I will become the best golfer in the world (due to the fact that I will practice golf non-stop until I am so good that I am able to hit that freak in the face with shot after shot from any distance).


4 responses to “The new face of golf

  1. It’s nice to see that the apparent offspring of Danny Noonan and his flat-chested girlfriend grew up to pass his father in the golf world!

  2. Wow, that comment was better than your article, DJ…

  3. Darth Garth

    Yeah, that Sloshkosh comment is pretty… what’s the word? Unfollowupable? Your move, Gallo.

  4. If Colt McCoy and Carrot Top mated.

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