Exclusive: Terry Collins hates Asians!

It’s true! Pass it on. 

Former Astros and Angels manager Terry Collins is managing Team China at the World Baseball Classic. That sounds like a charitable thing to do. Only I have discovered that Terry Collins actually HATES Asians. I bet he’s just managing them so he can bring them down from the inside. 

But before I share my evidence, let’s look back at some recent history of Asian-hating.

Team Spain before the Beijing Olympics

Miley Cyrus

And now Terry Collins — here when he was fired by the Angels.

(Yes, perhaps he was just wiping tears from his eyes. But is “ Exclusive: Terry Collins is a sentimental man!” going to get page views? I think not.)


2 responses to “ Exclusive: Terry Collins hates Asians!

  1. Anonymous = Jim

    The 2nd guy from the left in the Miley Cyrus pic isn’t even trying.

  2. No, if you look carefully he’s trying to make his eyes as wide (and round) as possible. That kid hates whites!

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