Mlbog The Show

For sports fans who are gamers, there is Madden Day in August and then MLB The Show/MLB 2K9 Day in March. The former is a major event. The latter isn’t really an event at all because modern video game baseball games blow.

Today is MLB The Show/MLB 2K9 Day. 

Based on initial reviews, MLB 09 The Show, featuring Dustin Pedroia on the cover, is a winner. 

But I seriously doubt it.

According to a press release from Sony, Pedroia participated in the game’s motion capture process. Have you ever seen those motion capture balls? One of them is the size of Dustin Pedroia’s entire scraptastic  body. That means the graphics on this year’s game will be terrible. All the players will just be a blurry, dirt and grass-stained pixel. 

What they should have done is place the motion capture balls on Pedroia’s heart. That is, if there are enough in the world to cover something that large. Am I right, white males of the New England states?!

But regardless of the graphics, I hope Dustin Pedroia’s game outsells his brother’s: YWCA ’09: The Blow.


One response to “Mlbog The Show

  1. GO! Yankees!

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