The top 20 NFL free agents.

Heath Evans, RB, Patriots
Is Heath Evans an elite NFL running back? Not at all. But he’s a big back who can give your team half of one those running back tandems with a cool nickname like “Thunder ‘N’ Lightning” or “Bash and Dash” or “Big Guy And … Smaller Guy.” Your dumber fans eat that kind of stuff up!


6 responses to “Espnessence

  1. Ram and scram.

  2. Chunky and Funky.

    Girth and Mirth.

    Giant and Pliant.

    Obese and Finds-a-Crease

    Steroids and Amphetamines

  3. Stink and Pink.

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  5. Anonymous = Jim

    Sugar and Spice/Ebony and Ivory (for the bi-racial backfield)

    Water and Vinegar

  6. I’ve got a buddy that we call “Obese and Finds a Crease”.

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