Farm analogy

Get it? That’s Andre Smith’s NFL combine. And the firemen you see are Smith and his agent trying to save his draft stock. And the wheat is … I don’t know. Maybe his future earnings he is mowing over? Although I guess that wouldn’t make sense, because the point of a combine on a farm is to thresh the wheat. So why would they want him to thresh his future earnings? “Thresh,” is that the right word? I’m not really a farm guy. 

Look, I didn’t think it through all the way. I just wanted to try to maintain my place as the best site on the Internet for sports and farm-related humor and satire. 

My other idea was to have a picture of a farmer having carnal relations with a goat — you know, as Smith f–king his NFL future. But I went with the burning combine. Nobody wants to see a bestiality photo first-thing in the morning. Plus, I’ve probably already gone to that well one too many times.



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