The shooting scene in “The Last Boy Scout”

I linked to the YouTube video of it yesterday. (Scroll down to view.)

After watching again, I noticed something — after catching a relatively long pass, the receiver broke three tackles downfield at full speed up the left sideline, with the would-be tacklers coming at him head-on.  He then runs approximately 15 more yards, and proceeds to shoot three more players who are also coming at him head-on.  Based on the glimpses we are given of the defensive set at the 3:07 mark and the 3:27 mark, I think the defense must have been positioned something like this before the snap.


That is not a good defensive formation. There was a linebacker and two defensive backs approximately 65 yards off the line of scrimmage. 

Now, I am not one who advocates violence, but I do think someone should have been murdered on this play: the defensive coordinator. And, really, the offensive coordinator and quarterback, too. Why throw to the left side? The right side of the field was WIDE OPEN! Idiots.

So, to recap: the defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator and quarterback deserved to be murdered. Or, at the very least, the guy who was hired to direct the movie’s football scenes.


2 responses to “The shooting scene in “The Last Boy Scout”

  1. Looks like something from the Lions’ playbook.

  2. Someone needs to spend more time at work and less time watching you tube.

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