Review: HBO’s “Eastbound & Down”

One of the new (BETA!) things I will be doing here in Ponder This (BETA!) is reviewing new sports-related movies and shows. And, if we’re lucky, maybe even future release of Jock Rock cassettes. 

HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” debuted on Sunday night. I watched it. I tried to write something about it. I couldn’t. So I watched it again on Tuesday night. Still nothing. 

What I learned is that my capability to write TV reviews is matched by the ability of “Eastbound & Down” to make me laugh.

Executive producer Will Ferrell took the format of his sports movies, spread their thin structure over six episodes, added a John Rocker character, and then removed all of the amusing parts. Magic!

I was going to share a few of the lines from the show, but I couldn’t even bring myself to write them down. 

I did, however, make an attempt at a TV critic staple: the snarky take of a show’s title.

“Eastbound & Down”? … 

… more like “Leastbound & Frown”, am I right?

… more like “Yeastmound & Clown,” no?

… more like “Cancellation-Bound & Downward Ratings,” do you feel me?

… more like “Suckysuck & Suck,” … suck?

Terrible attempts. Just like the show. 

If there’s anything positive to take from “Eastbound & Down”, it may be that I happened to invent the word “yeastmound.” I think this has potential to replace the long-overused “douchebag” in the American vernacular. 

Alex Rodriguez is such a yeastmound.

Oh. Yeah.

(UPDATE: Apparently HBO is trying to corner the market on unfunny sports shows. Joe Buck + comedy. This could make “Arli$$” look good.)


2 responses to “ Review: HBO’s “Eastbound & Down”

  1. Eastbound and Down… the toilet.

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