Dude looks like a lady

A-Rod’s attraction to “athetic she-males” is well documented. 

On Tuesday at his press conference, we learned about the cousin who took steroids with him. 

Today we learn that Rodriguez’s cousin is named Yuri Sucart and that he lives in Miami. But Mr. Sucart’s first name is not pronounced like you think it is. 

The people who know Yuri Sucart — his first name often pronounced Judy — say he’s a loyalist and has always protected Rodriguez.

Hmmm. Judy.

I wonder if these two were not just injecting cousins, but kissing cousins, too.

A-Rod: “Wow, Yuri — these steroids we are taking sure are making you big and muscular. Do you mind if I start calling you Judy? And would you mind wearing this blonde wig?”


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