Power Rankings!

Here are last month’s SportsPickle.com power rankings. It’s time for an update.

1. Solar – Still not a lot of sunlight at this time of year, but with the president signing the stimulus bill at a solar panel company, they get the boost to the top. Watch out, though, solar — if the bill doesn’t work, you’re dropping even when it gets sunnier outside.

2. WindAlaska is leading the way. And tossing a moose into a windmill is a quick and easy way to butcher it.

3. Coal – Holding steady in the third spot, thanks to China. But the farther we get from Christmas, I have less to burn.

4. Pitt – They have the components to move up the rankings in March and April. The haunches of DeJuan Blair and LeVance Fields could provide us EnErgy InDependence.

5. Tower of Power – They’ve got a new album. And when you consider they could be fueled by the products of former bassist Victor Conte, they deserve a spot on the power rankings.

Falling out of the rankings: nuclear, Arizona Cardinals, horsepower.


2 responses to “Power Rankings!

  1. Speaking Truth to Power will be ready come tourney time!

  2. Power Of Greyskull. Puppy Power of Scrappy Doo fame (the ORIGINAL scrappy guy). I watch too many cartoons.

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