Another Yankee cheater?

[Scene: Alex Rodriguez’s press conference.]

Rodriguez: “What I took was known on the streets in the Dominican as ‘boli.'”

CC Sabathia (sitting among Rodriguez’s teammates, clears throat, raises hand): “Umm, Alex, this boli you speak of … it’s illegal?”

Rodriguez: “Yes.”

Sabathia: “Uh, oh. Because I eat those things all the time.”

Rodriguez: “No, no, CC — this is boli, an injectable steroid in the Dominican Republic, not stromboli, what you’re currently eating.”

Sabathia: “Whew! Thank g-” [unintelligible, as he stuffs another stromboli into his mouth]

[End scene.]


3 responses to “Another Yankee cheater?

  1. That’s an appetizing photo there. I’m gonna have to get me some boli.

  2. Sure, he’s…slightly obese…but he’s a great pitcher and I couldn’t be happier to have him on my favorite team.

  3. I’m a Brewer fan and it was great watching that fat man pitch twice a week! Although it is nice to see all you can eat buffets in the Milwaukee area start to open up again.

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