Friday the 13th … Oooooh! Scary!

Stare at this image. See if you can find something scary in it.

Did you see it? No? Stare longer …


Still no? Stare longer …


And longer still …


Stare for 10 more minutes. You will see something VERY SCARY! Bwaah-ha-haaaaa.


Okay, yeah, there’s nothing scary to see. I was thinking it would be like one of those photos you stare at and then after a few seconds it changes to a scary ghost face or something and gives you a fright. But I don’t have the technological abilities to make a photo like that. Plus, they’re kind of stupid. 

But, hey — maybe I wasted a few minutes of your time on something totally pointless and stupid and you got pissed off. Maybe even you yelled a profanity and threw something across the room.

Ooooh! You’re scaaaaaaaary.


5 responses to “Friday the 13th … Oooooh! Scary!

  1. Well, #25 for the Blazers seems to be having his right arm wrenched completely out of its socket! That’s kinda scary. Then there’s the white guy. On a basketball court. In the NB freakin’ A are you kidding me?!

  2. Forget about Outlaw’s arm! What about the fact that his uni is being removed by another man’s junk?

  3. Maybe that official is taking a deuce in the backcourt, he looks awful tense. A little photoshop and you could make this happen, DJ!

  4. Well, Outlaw is giving The King a handjob.

  5. welldone you made me want to hit you
    . . . fuckin genious

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