Pro Bowl edition …

“Where all them blue hat men I supposed to throw ball to?”

“Glad to visit you, Island of Oahu.”

“Don’t squirm, it only make it worse. Just stay still and bleed out.”

“Can you take us for ice cream now?”

“You wear a halter top almost as well as I do. Want to come over sometime and watch my dogs eat a miniature horse?”

“Oh, no. My pee-pee place is tingling. What do I do?” “Just take my hand and I’ll use the powers of my massive, deformed brain to think it down.”

“He’s writing ‘Colts suck,’ Kylie.”

“I don’t care what he says. I still think the Power Rangers are more powerful than God.”

“Looks like somebody used all of our fine money for a shopping spree at JC Penney.”

“Thank you. I will try to put this giant, shiny vagina to good use.”


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