Metaphorical monster! Run!

In an article in USA Today about Gary Williams’ problems at Maryland, former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson talks about the raised expectations that come from winning a national title:

“I called it creating a monster. Once you create a monster you have to keep feeding it. And sometimes you run out of food, and then the monster comes after you. The monster is the fans and university officials.”

Whew! Thank goodness for that last sentence! I thought Nolan Richardson had created an actual monster. And that would be extra scary coming from a guy who looks like Hitler. I was halfway out of my seat, off to find the nearest torch store, when he clarified that the monster was not real. What a relief!

I bet Richardson wrote some very succinct book reports back in middle school: 

“The world is a battle between good and evil. Good feels compelled to eradicate the world of evil. In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab saw the whale as all the evil in the world. And that’s pretty much the book.” — Nolan Richardson, Mrs. Thompson’s class, Grade 7


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