David Tyree would like to remind you that he’s terrible at football

Asked whether his catch against the Patriots or Santonio Holmes’ game-winner against the Cardinals was the superior grab, David Tyree says his was better when you consider the context: 

“You’re talking about an 18-0 Patriots team, 12-point underdogs, and me. Santonio Holmes is a starter, and you have me who had four catches [the whole season].”

Okay then. So Tyree’s catch is more impressive because he is not so good at catching. 

Please use this logic going forward when reading this site.

Step 1: You read something and think: “This was okay. But not great.”

Step 2: Remind yourself that I rarely write anything that is great, if ever.

Step 3: Consider that what you just read is actually somewhat impressive considering the non-talent who wrote it. I mean, it’s not like I’m a famous comedian or something. David Tyree : Santonio Holmes :: DJ Gallo : Stephen Colbert.

Step 4: Laugh and appreciate the newfound greatness and hilarity of the non-funny thing you read.


3 responses to “David Tyree would like to remind you that he’s terrible at football

  1. Sweet! that means my last shot during my J.V. days the greatest basket of all time. YAY!!!!

  2. My crush on Payton Manning seems less weird using this logic! Thanks, DJ!

  3. This is why I think Stephen Hawking, not Barack Obama, is the greatest orator of our time.

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