Coach Kennedy vs. Officer Awesome







Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy was arrested in December on charges of punching a Cincinnati cab driver and yelling racial slurs at him. 

Now, thanks to a dashboard camera, Kennedy’s conversation with the arresting officer can be known. This is the actual transcript. 

Kennedy: “I’m begging you. I’m looking at you. Please look at me. This is … this is a major deal man.”

Officer Awesome: “I understand sir, but if I don’t do this, I could lose my job.” 

Kennedy: “It’s not worth it. Please trust me. Please trust me on this. This is going to be a national incident sir.” 

Officer Awesome: “Sir, everything you’re saying right now is being recorded.” 

Kennedy: “No, I understand that.” 

Officer Awesome: “You think we’ve never arrested somebody that’s made national media? We deal with the Bengals all the time.”

(Yes, actual words. Unfortunately, the transcript ends there so we don’t know what comes next. We can only assume.)

Kennedy: “Not to split hairs, but wouldn’t the Bengals be more regional media? They’re barely a professional team.”

Officer Awesome: “Well, surely you heard about the time Chris Henry shot up a preschool.”

Kennedy: “I did not.”

Officer Awesome: “Okay. But you must remember seeing the news about Frostee Rucker robbing homeless shelters?”

Kennedy: “No.”

Officer Awesome: “Chad Johnson raping a cat?”

Kennedy: “No, sir.”

Officer Awesome: “Cedric Benson raping Chad Johnson?”

Kennedy: “Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Officer Awesome: “Carson Palmer beating a prostitute to death with his Heisman Trophy?”

Kennedy: “Drawing a blank.”

Officer Awesome: “T.J. Houshmandzadeh blowing up a riverboat full of kids celebrating their prom?”

Kennedy: “No, again.”

Officer Awesome: “Wow, the Bengals really do suck.”

Kennedy: “No doubt.”

(They high-five.)

Officer Awesome: “Jump in my squad car and I’ll tell you the story about Marvin Lewis blowing up a talented football team.”

Kennedy: “Will do.”


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