Michael Phelps career retrospective edition …

“I can’t wait until this wreath dries so I can smoke it.”

“I hope they don’t see the fatty I stuck in my suit.”

“He said he rolls them in there, kids.”

“Am I high right now or are my feet all messed up?”

“Aaaah. I forgot my rolling papers.”

“Hands off. I’m a weed man, not an ecstasy man.”

“Want to be my drug mule, little girl?”

“This one picture and then I want you to hook me up with some primo sh!t straight from Vietnam or wherever it is you’re from.”


“Duuuude. Really? People don’t know I like to get high? I thought it was so obvious. Duuuude, alright.”


One response to “Captions

  1. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you, sir.

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