On Tony Romo’s girlfriend*

A friend of Jessica Simpson says of Tony Romo in OK! Magazine that “He wants to date a girl who can have a few beers, ribs, fries and dessert.”

And that’s great. I would caution, however — and I hate to use cliches — but it’s all fun and games until something makes me want to pluck my eyes out.

*And you know I totally have been. (Get it?! It’s an innuendo! OMG … in-your-end-o. Get that?! As though when I fornicated with her I entered from her aft. I so rule. This is top-shelf stuff right here. Whoa! Top-shelf. Yeah … like BOOBIES!)


One response to “On Tony Romo’s girlfriend*

  1. wow…ive heard that she put on some weight…but wow.

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