Super Bowl week edition: 

“Nope. See, it says right here: ‘Not edible.’”

“The fact of the matter is that this was Cooper’s year and he blew it.”

“No. Does it look like I still hang out with Will Smith?”

“You don’t see the difference? Really? Look, he’s a little thinner. And I am unlikable.”

“Did I ever sleep with Laura Ingalls? What kind of question is that? You better believe I did.”

“Since I’ve been in town I’ve noticed that Tampa has a soft underbelly.”

By the way, read the list of those Scheduled To Appear at this Super Bowl party. That’s right, they PROMOTED his appearance at a SUPER BOWL PARTY. Sometimes I honestly refuse to believe that the world is real place.


One response to “Captions

  1. Its amazing how unpopular Tiki has become. I was there at the KC game where he broke the franchise record for most yards in a game, and we all loved him back then. Then he had to open up his mouth and ruin everything. Its like he forgot that Coughlin turned him from a 3rd down ball coughin RB to a top 5 RB in a yr.

    oh, and, Nice stab at Ray-Ray.

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