This is not my normal column. In fact, I’ve never written anything like it before. But as a Steelers fan, I was asked to write it because I have some inside information on the subject. So I did. But it is not satirical. That’s right: it is not satirical. (I’ll let that sink in for a moment.) Okay, now let’s never speak of this again.


10 responses to “Espnessence

  1. Well, well, well, it looks like ESPN has 2 “Sportsguys” now.

  2. See, now that is some good satire. Well done, Dale Jr.

    Let’s keep this up so I can feel clean again.

  3. SquealerNationBlowzGoatz

    Well, I always had a feeling you were a fag rag waver. Ya know, due to the weekly Ray-bashing – I figured you were either A. a steelers fan, or B. just a fan of any other NFL team, but had a really annoying Ravens fan roommate at Towson U.

    Thanks for confirming the truly disappointing former, asshat.

    /seriously conflicted about continuing to read your very talented satire.

  4. Peter Rypterhymen

    Fors shame Gallo. For shame.

  5. SNBG: The fact that I hate murderers. I’m just, in general, not a big fan or murder. And I think I deserve some credit for concealing this secret for all these years. There are plenty of other people out there who I really, really, really wish were able to conceal their rooting interests as well as I have.

    Finally, Go Cardinals!

    (A-ha! Now you don’t know what to think!)

  6. There is no way you can convince me that wasn’t satire. I know satire, Mr. Gallo, and that was satire.

    “But only a handful of teams have a true national following. One of them is the Pittsburgh Steelers.” Hahahaha! That’s hilarious! Once again you’re at the top of your game!

  7. my disappointment in learning that DJ is a Steelers fan is, like terrible towels, only measurable in PSI units (piss soaking index).

  8. Does it really matter what team the man likes? Would if he banned you from reading his stuff just because you didn’t like the same team as him? Chill, guys.

  9. Anonymous = Jim

    Come on people, you couldn’t tell he was total homer? He prominantly links to Mondesi’s House and he knows way too many Pirates facts. Besides his article for “Titletown, USA” on ESPN should’ve clued you in…as in “we’re so good we export champions”.

  10. Really, was is a suprise that he’s a Pittsburgh fan? He did an article about the Pirates once. There’s been only about 3 of those in the last 20 years

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