Me and e-mail

So perhaps you’ve sent me an e-mail at some point in the last several years and I have yet to respond. I apologize. I really appreciate all of you who are loyal readers. Sincerely. It’s just that if I spent time each day diligently responding to every e-mail I receive, I would either get no writing done or the quality of my writing would really suffer. 

I think this post from Andrew Sullivan’s blog helps explain things.

Glenn Reynolds, a homegrown hero of the weblog world, reports over a million unique viewers a month for, a circulation that would put him comfortably in the top twenty daily papers in the United States. You can see how interactivty is defeated by an audience of this size — spending even as minute a month interacting with 10,000 of his readers (only one percent of his total audience) whould take forty hours a week. This is what “interactivty” looks like at this scale –no interaction at all with almost all of his audience, and infrequent and minuscule interaction with the rest…

I don’t get that many for this site alone. But if you add my audience and e-mails to it — and you should see some of the e-mails I get in that account — I’m in the same boat. And I don’t have a staff of assistants like these people do. Continuing from that post … 

Email is such a funny thing. People hand you these single little messages that are no heavier than a river pebble. But it doesn’t take long until you have acquired a pile of pebbles that’s taller than you and heavier than you could ever hope to move, even if you wanted to do it over a few dozen trips. But for the person who took the time to hand you the pebble it seems outrageous that you can’t handle the one tiny thing. “What ‘pile’? It’s just a pebble!”

So, again, apologies for not always responding. The oldest e-mail currently in my inbox that I have yet to reply to is from … drumroll, please … scrolling, scrolling, scrolling … September 5, 2006. I RULE!

Not to belabor the point, but I just got to an e-mail last weekend from the summer of 2007 which included a picture of a fan who showed up at my Austin book-signing, only to find it had been cancelled re-scheduled.


His face captures my disappointment over not responding to all of your e-mails.

But I’m doing my best to catch up. I hope we can still be friends.


5 responses to “Me and e-mail

  1. Anonymous = Jim

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, you’ve responded to every email I’ve sent. They all say “Cease and Desist” but I know satire when I see it. Thanks for everything.

  2. It was canceled because he ate DJ Gallo.

  3. Pretty lame having pictures of Serena in two posts in a row. With that said, I guess it was cool she came to your book signing.

  4. Yeah right! I emailed DJ Gallo once, and he responded within five minutes. He probably never get emails! If you wrote him one and didn’t get a response, it’s not cuz he doesn’t have time. It’s cuz you’re lame!

  5. Carl Weathers, sir, you have made me cry. That was hands down the funniest thing I’ve read today.

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