“Sorry for stepping on your face.”

Who hasn’t said that before? It’s been too many times to count for me. But here are a few that I remember well.

November 28, 2008: “Sorry for stepping on your face.”

February 20, 2004: “Sorry for stepping on your face … I intended to step on your sister’s face.”

April 11, 2001: “Sorry for stepping on your face … I meant to sit on it, but I’m nervous and I lost my balance.” (Ah, college.)

May 12, 1984: “Sorry for stepping on your Face.” (I said this to “A-Team” creator Stephen J. Cannell after I walked on-set and accidentally stepped on this guy.)


3 responses to ““Sorry for stepping on your face.”

  1. Albert Haynesworth

    Hey! What about me and my sorrowfulness of doing so?

  2. Yes, this has happened to me before. I felt really bad when I stepped on Carrot Top’s face…

  3. Wait – if you step on Carrot Top he becomes Jay Mohr? He’s like a Transformer that can be both not funny and not funny.

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