Power Rankings!

Everybody loves to argue about power rankings. Here are the latest from SportsPickle.com. Let the debate begin!

1. Nuclear – Safe? Not 100-percent. But it’s clean and growing in popularity.

2. Solar – I love you solar, but it’s just not sunny enough in the winter to use you exclusively. Improve your technology and you’ll move back to the No. 1 spot!

3. Coal – Generates a lot of power. And sometimes I just like it dirty, okay? Is that so wrong?

4. Arizona Cardinals – Stop underestimating them!

5. Horsepower – Clean and natural, but a bit low on the integral “power” part of the equation. And can really chafe when you ride bareback/no pants.


8 responses to “Power Rankings!

  1. #6 Cowher Power!

  2. #6 Cowher Power

  3. Jim, stop ripping off Anonymous!

  4. Phillip Mcreavis

    Girl Power! Spice Girls rock!!!

  5. Anonymous = Jim

    Sorry, guilty as charged.

  6. Do not apologize for something you did not do, Anonymous=Jim. It is Jim who owes Anonymous an apology, not you.

  7. Coal should be 2 and solar should be 3! List sucks!

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