Apparently “Gallinari” is Italian for “stereotype”

When Knicks rookie Danilo Gallinari scores, public address announcer Mike Wasczewski says his name in a thick Italian accent (“Dan-eeeel-0 Gal-lin-ar-ay!”) and then plays “Volare” or “That’s Amore.”

And Gallinari doesn’t like it. You know, I guess because he doesn’t like being viewed as a massive stereotype for Italians.

So, if you are a Knicks fan, I guess you can probably scratch these planned promotions off of your calendar:

February 4th — All fans 12 and under receive a Spi-cy Meat-a (Basket)Ball-Eh!

February 19th — All male fans with greasy hair get a free, gold, Knicks pinky ring!

March 3rd — Stooped, wart-covered, little, old women who reek of garlic and cook all day get in half price!

March 22nd — Stupid Polacks with names like “Wasczewski” get in free simply by stating an ethnic stereotype!


2 responses to “Apparently “Gallinari” is Italian for “stereotype”

  1. Why be offended? I kind of wish cheesy Italian songs would play in the background whenever I do something awesome, like check the mail or cut the grass…

  2. He’s mow-ing … oh oh.
    He’s mul-ching … oh oh oh oh.
    No wonder his happy heart sings.
    His lawn has given him wings.

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