Change we can believe in

Today is an exciting day. No matter your political leanings, everyone can recognize that the inauguration of a person with black skin as President of the United States shows our country can truly be all that it aspires to be.

And I think it’s worth noting, since this is a sports site, that the sports world has played a major role in changing race relations in this country.

Jackie Robinson integrated baseball. Black men became coaches, general managers. Doug Williams quarterbacked a team to a Super Bowl. Tony Dungy coached a team to a Super Bowl. Muhammad Ali became the most famous man in the world. Michael Jordan became the most marketable man in the world. Tiger Woods went to Augusta National, not long ago a country club for white men only, and dominated.

All those were important steps in making a younger generation of Americans, our generation — the generation that helped put Obama in the White House, look past color as the first means of identifying someone. 

But our generation took it one step further.

Just as rich, white men used to be the sole inhabitants of Augusta National Golf Club, rich, white, collar-popping, hardcore fraternity boys used to be the sole members of another exclusive club: douchebaggery.

No more. Our generation ended that. Derek Jeter: douchebag. Alex Rodriguez: douchebag. Tiki Barber, Michael Strahan, Donovan McNabb: douchebags. 

Not mixed race douchebags, Latino douchebags or black douchebags. Just douchebags.

We can see past color. And I’m proud of us. 

Enjoy the inauguration. And God bless America.


4 responses to “Change we can believe in

  1. Can January be Douchebag History Month?

  2. I should mention that while Hillary Clinton fell short of the presidency, I believe that a woman will soon be elected president. And that will partly be thanks to sports fans seeing past Michelle Wie’s gender to her inner douche.

  3. Well put sir. About time someone pointed out that douchebaggery is douchebaggery and shall not be based on skin color. Philip Rivers consists of equal amount of douche as that of Dennis Rodman.

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