My picture with Steely McBeam









There it is. It doesn’t exist.

I attended yesterday’s Steelers-Ravens game and fully intended on having my picture taken with SportsPickle favorite Steely McBeam. Then I would have posted it here to show all of you. Unfortunately, on my way to the stadium, the esteemed Mr. McBeam was nowhere to be found. Thus, no picture to share.

But I learned an important lesson in not getting that picture. And it is this: Even if we can’t see him, Steely McBeam is in each and every one of us.

Or at least he wants to be. And the reason we can’t see him is because he’s behind us.


3 responses to “My picture with Steely McBeam

  1. Mr. McBeam could not be found as he feared he had met his match as a certain “God’s Linebacker” did a particularly bi-curious dance in the endzone pre-game.

  2. You came to yet another Steeler’s playoff game and to date have not come to tailgate. I’m starting to question your commitment here DJ

  3. Anonymous = Jim

    He told Dameshek that the “girl” he was with made him late so he couldn’t tailgate. DJ, that was really nice of you to take your Mom to the game.

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