A day in the life of Adam Jones

… the other one.

In this week’s episode, Adam Jones stops at a drug store to buy some gum.

Adam Jones: “Hi. I’m ready to check-out.”

Checkout Lady: “Sure thing. Is this all- … hey, you look familiar.”

Adam Jones: “Oh, really? Do you follow sports at all? I’m actually a professional athlete.”

Checkout Lady: “Yeah, maybe that’s it. I follow sports some. What’s your name?”

Adam Jones: “Adam Jones.”

Checkout Lady: “Oh. Hmm. I’m not sure if I know that name. That will be $2.17.”

(She sees Jones pull out some singles from his pocket.)

Checkout Lady (thinking out loud): “Wait a minute … one-dollar bills … professional athlete … ADAM JONES! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Get away! Get away from me!”

Adam Jones: “What? Lady, what’s wrong? I just want to buy thi-…”

(She pulls a gun out from under the register and shoots him in the face.)

Tune in next week to see if … umm … yeah, I guess there probably will be no next week. She shot him in the face. He’s dead. Poor other Adam Jones.


2 responses to “A day in the life of Adam Jones

  1. The other DJ Gallo

    Haha. sorry, does it make me a bad person if i laughed out loud at work?

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