TV tonight

“The Office” — 9:00 pm EST on NBC

What? Why not? It has as much relevance as to who the real national champion is as tonight’s BCS “title” game does.


3 responses to “TV tonight

  1. so i promise im not a stalker/troll/frequent commenter, but the episode tonight is a repeat. that is all.

  2. sportspickle

    Stalkers are welcome if attractive and slutty. Trolls are welcome if not too warty and not registered sex offenders. And frequent commenters are welcome if … also attractive and slutty.

    But, so you know, tonight’s bowl game is a repeat, too, in that it is like all over bowl games in being completely meaningless.

  3. First person to appear on the show determines the national champion. That is just as reasonable as the current system

    Michael – Florida
    Jim – Utah
    Pam – Texas
    Dwight – USC

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