Site business

Ponder This (beta!) is now running and already a heated debate has broken out among the THOUSANDS! three (3) SportsPickle diehards in the TV Tonight post about the new direction. So, to clear a few things up …

1. No, this is not the super-mega-secret I have been talking about for months and have yet to reveal. I’m still not allowed to reveal that super-mega-secret. (Although the details of the super-mega-secret aren’t too hard to find. (Ooh! A clue!) (And, ooh! Excessive usage of parentheses!))

2. Speaking of super-mega-secrets, my original super-mega-secret has now been dwarfed by a NEW, even superer-mega-secret. And the details of this superer-mega-secret are not possible to find. So don’t bother looking. (Parenthesis.)

3. Being that this is the BETA! of Ponder This, what you are seeing right now is not what you will see here permanently. First of all, because I have no idea what beta means — it’s just a word I have seen other sites use when they are screwing around with their format. So it must be the hip word to use, and I am nothing if not hip. (I am nothing.)

Second, this is up because I would like your input on the the site. Things will be changing here soon — for the better, I promise — but before that happens, I am interested to hear what you have to say. So, please leave your comments/suggestions/etc. on what you want to see more of, less of, how you think the site can improve, new conceits you would like to see, layout ideas and the like.

No, the dueling scroll bars down the right side will not stay, so no need to comment on that.

And if your comment is: “I think the site should be funny,” — sorry, but the general tone of the site since it began is not something that will be changing. I WILL NOT SELLOUT AND BECOME FUNNY! I AM NOT YOUR MONKEY BOY!

All those who leave suggestions receive a FREE link to where they can purchase my unSIGNED BOOK!


7 responses to “Site business

  1. Yes, you are our monkey boy. Now where is the weekly shot at Ray Lewis?

  2. I think you should change the name of the website to, “The Onion” and quit working. That would do it.

  3. Why does something that is so beloved by dozens of people have to change?! Now that Ponder This is going upscale and frezish, can the end of the BCS be far behind?

    FWIW, I like the new look. I am more a fan of links across the top than down the side. The font seems straight out of the website; I’d look for something a little less gay. If the site is to scroll for more than three mouse wheel turns, you should have internal navigation links as well.

  4. Gimpy McNolegs

    I like this new format because, if nothing else, we get some new material every day or so.

    And on a barely related note, the ESPNessence Mark Texeira “what he really meant” piece was great. The unbelievably idiotic comments on the story were *almost* as funny, albeit unintentionally. Yikes.

  5. I delight in your excellence kind sir. Your new format feels good on my sense of humor.

  6. I like it. I give it two toe-thumbs up.

  7. Yeah you need to revise this and put something negative about Ray Lewis. Possibly a link to him fake crying and generally sounding like a homo after the playoff win can be used somehow?

    Dont be scared though DJ. If you ever go missing I will make sure the authorities are led straight to Gay Rays house.

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