TV tonight

Davidson at No. 2 Duke — 7:00 pm ET on ESPN

Stephen Curry may be a great shooter, but has he ever had to knock down a jumper in the face of floor slaps?


9 responses to “TV tonight

  1. tell me this wasn’t the big secret – a new, worse format for ponder this

  2. Kiss off gwarsh this is tight

  3. Oh man, it’s too tight. It hurts.

  4. gwarsh: No, this is not the big secret. And I’ll let WordPress know that they’re format is far inferior to one Adam, who is not even a trained web designer, came up with years ago. Suck it, WordPress!

    Curt: I’l let Adam know that the format he came up with years ago is inferior to WordPress. Suck it, Adam!

    Poop: That is what she said! (See, you can’t get this quality of humor anywhere else.)

  5. Hey, at least it beats the new redesign! By the way, I still don’t like you.
    Bill Simmons

  6. Greg Easterbrook

    Leave him alone Bill…at least he doesn’t get on his knees every time Belichek walks by.

    Stupid p*ssy Boston lover.

    His royalness,

  7. before i go “kiss off”, let me just say that I had no idea DJ would be updating this every day. that is obviously great. I was merely referring to the ease of reading paragraphs one after the other, as people have done since the beginning of time, rather than with links and dates breaking them up. but let me just say that my personal comment response from DJ Gallo himself is an honor, and a screenshot will be used as my graduation picture. Love your work and I am looking forward to another year of hilarious content, and also more espn articles. Hm, so here is where I was planning on “kissing off”, but I just realized that doesn’t mean anything. I’m just going to hit submit instead, i hope thats ok.

  8. yep, def great that this will now be updated daily. all is now forgiven for that wk or 2 off.

  9. Knock it off! BTW, can your Sportspickle coffee mugs hold a venti latte mocha double espresso?

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